Post Bladder Cancer


Post Bladder Cancer

Hi everyone and most of us are coping with the post cancer problems which in itself is not easy having been through the most traumatic period in our lives to date it pays to be positive in all things, I am cancer free at the moment having just been given the all clear at the Mater in Brisbane many thanks Dr Clubbs excellent team. With the virus taking over the health care system it may be longer than six moths before my next check up which is a worry but the need to get on top of this current problem is more important, being house bound can have it's benefits as a good spring clean is always a good thing and I have painted the place from back to front allready. I don't get treatment anymore due to the BCG (Bladder cancer treatment) attacking me after 18 months of it which resulted in all sorts of major issues so if you are on BCG treatment good luck and persist as long as you can, well that's all my news for this episode so stay safe all of you.

Paul D 

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Re: Post Bladder Cancer

Hi Paul,

Congratulations on getting the all clear! I don't know about you, but I've always found it a huge feeling of relief. I'm glad that the having to stop the BCG didn't effect the outcomes for you.

That's so good to hear.

This is the first post of yours that I can recall reading, so I'll have to go back through them all and have a read. Looking forward to it.



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