Eating Habits/ Life After Treatment

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Eating Habits/ Life After Treatment

So I been having ups and downs on my eating habits. Used to eat ton food. But ever since treatment I been trying to get back at it to gain weight . But I’m always hitting bump in the roads of my Body telling me “ hey I don’t wanna eat” but yet I’m my stomach is like I’m hungry so my body acts like three year old. Where I have to eat small portions and eat like six times in a day. Then I just bounce back of losing interest of wanting to eat but my stomach tells me I need to and I know I want to but I just sit and stare at my plate.... Then I still have pain and swallowing issues from treatment. I do have medicine but causes me sleepy some times I do talk to my team but I just can’t get back to my “ normal” and keep it constantly .. Any suggestions would be great or ideas I try everything just up and down

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Re: Eating Habits/ Life After Treatment

Hi Oswaldbr,

What treatment did you have?

Are you exercising at all? This could just be something as simple as walking around the block a few times. The exercise can help stimulate appetite.

Also, what sort of foods are you eating? If you have difficulty eating foods because it's painful, that's tough. I guess softer foods or maybe food that have been ground up. Although I can see how that would be unappetising.

Best of luck!



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