Side effects of treatment of anal cancer

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Side effects of treatment of anal cancer

I had anal cancer about 4 years ago resulting in what was termed aggressive treatment.  My chemotherapy and radiation treatment happened at the same time and the radiation was quite extensive.  Post treatment I have severe continence issues and have tried many things including having a sacro-neuromudulater inserted which helped about 70 - 80% of the time however even though I have some improvement I still have severe continence issues.  Initially I was relieved not to have a colostomy, however I now think this would improve my quality of life.  It is not a decision I have made easily, and I still don't know if my surgeon would consider it.  I also don't know if it really is what I want.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a colostomy, I think it would help to know how it has affected your quality of life.  

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Re: Side effects of treatment of anal cancer

Hello @Sue6 and welcome!


Have you had a chance to talk to your surgeon or other doctors as yet?


There are definitely others here who have had colostomies, hopefully one will pop in soon 🙂

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