The benefits of yoga

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The benefits of yoga

Yoga improves general wellbeing and quality of life, and is a great complementary therapy for some cancers, when going through treatment and as well as post-treatment. It assists with physical and emotional health.


The practice originated in India and is now very popular in many countries around the world. The word 'yoga' is deriven from Sanskrit, meaning to unite or join. This symbolises the union of body and the mind.


Yoga involves performing poses with the body, slowing and deepening the breath, and focusing the mind. 


Comfortable clothes are essential and you may need a mat, though these are often provided. A typical class of 1-2 hours will involve warm-up stretching, then a series of different poses followed by relaxation at the completion of the session. 


It's important to advise your teacher of any relevant health problems or issues you may have in certain poses, they will be more than happy to adjust things and work with you to suit. No matter if you are a beginner or a season yogi, there's always something new to be experienced.


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Today is the United Nations International Day of Yoga.

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Re: The benefits of yoga

Always relaxing, enlightening and calming

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