Tongue Cancer post op blues.

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Tongue Cancer post op blues.

Hi folks,

I'm two week post surgery.  Aside from the actual tongue cancer, I'm in good health and recovering well. I'm also fortunate to have clear results from the neck dissection and no cancer anywhere, so no further treatment.  All good right? Except I can suddenly turn on a penny and feel so blue: teary, sad, distressed. As the reality sinks in it can be overwhelming.  My big upset today is eating.  Any tips from those further down the line about  chewing and eating appreciated. IK

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Re: Tongue Cancer post op blues.

Hi IK,


I'm sorry to hear about your cancer.

Amazing news to hear about you being clear though.

There are a number of people on here who have experiences in this area. Hopefully they will see this soon.

The whole experience can be quite traumatising. It's only at the other end that you have time to think about everything that has happened that it starts to sink in.

It might also be a good idea to find a professional to talk to.


Best of luck and I hope eating gets easier for you.



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Re: Tongue Cancer post op blues.

Hello @IK,

As @sch said, I'm glad you've been given the all clear.
Here is a link to a thread which contains great info from alot of people on this forum who've been through head/neck related cancers. I hope you can find some help & reassurance from it.
@Your experience with side effects from head & neck cancer treatment (radiation / mucositis)

I thoroughly agree with sch about getting some professional help. It always pays to talk with someone. I hope you find relief soon.

All the best


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Re: Tongue Cancer post op blues.


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