when are you a survivor?

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when are you a survivor?

When's survival survival? I was diag'ed with follicular lymphoma stage IV in April last year, and underwent 6 months of chemo in a medical trial (BRIGHT study). Whilst I'm in full remission right now (and was half way thru the chemo!), I'm still part of the study, and will be for another 4.5 years. I'm being checked up on every 3 months right now. If I can't ever now give blood, that would seem to suggest there's a risk the cancer could come back, and it could end up being the end of me. Naturally my oncologist isn't changing the initial prognosis (According to FLIPI, 75% chance of making it thru 5 years, and 51% chance of making it thru 10). Officially the cancer is "incurable" (I guess since it's a blood-related cancer which circulates throughout the body), so can I call myself a survivor a) now, b) in 4.5 years, c) at 10 years, d) never ? Cheers, Chris
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Re: when are you a survivor?

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago with an incurable cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma . During those first few months I had wondered the same thing . I now believe that from the moment you know you have it till the moment you die you are surviving .
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