Advanced breast cancer - How often do you see your Doctor?

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Advanced breast cancer - How often do you see your Doctor?

Hello, I’ve had breast cancer metastasis diagnosed last year.  Before that I’d had five years of Tamoxifen after mastectomy in 2015. 

Today I’d like to ask you especially if you’re in similar situation like me.. I’m on immunotherapy (Palbocyclib. and Letrozol)  for  advanced cancer and I am to see Dr every four weeks. 


My question is how often do you actually see your specialist, not registrars?  Since last June I probably saw my actual Doctor maybe twice.  I haven’t seen him for about six month except when I catch him on the hallways. 

Im assigned with a nurse for side effect she is also unavailable I haven’t seen or talked to her mire then eight months.  She is either on leave or just not responding call or email.  

I feel it wasn’t like this before I’ve gad metastasis - I used to feel more humanely  treated. 
I really want to know if this is the standard for those with metastasis with regular appointments. 

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