Adverse reaction

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Adverse reaction

I haven't been here for a while and thought I'd let you know how I am going.  I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in February this year and decided against chemo or radiotherapy.


For quite a while I went along really well - no need for any medications.  Then I started to have pain and I was started on low dose oral morphine.  That worked really well for and I simply carried on.  Eventually I was taking enough of the oral morphine that they decided to put me onto MS Contin - the slow release morphine.


That turned out to be a bit of a disaster for me,  because I had an rather disconcerting reaction to that.  My throat started to close up and I had difficulty swallowing.  The secretions thickened in my throat and I could  get them neither up nor down.


Various other medications over a fortnight  helped clear that problem up,  but no more MS Contin for me.  I am now at the stage where I can swallow almost properly again now,  and to help control the breathlessness I can and do take small doses of Ordine.  I do have to take things a bit more slowly now, and rest more frequestly.


For the pain I now use the Norspan patches.  Been using them for a fortnight now and they do seem to be working.   Of course they cause the same constipation problems, but Coloxyl and Senna take care of that. 


I'm doing OK for now





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Re: Adverse reaction


Thanks for updating us.

Yes, morphine can be pretty nasty stuff. If I can at all avoid it, I do.

If you don't mind me asking, if you decided against chemo and radiotherapy, did you decide to have other treatment?

How are you otherwise, outside of all the medical stuff?



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