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I know I totally get you unless you have or going thru this you have no idea. Well I just finished radiation and it’s my 2nd time I will take it over chemo any day because both time that I have had chemo I was really sick and the bloody thing didn’t even work and last time I had radiation I responded really well and I also prefer the radiation side effects. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy breezy  I have burns and inflammation and the fatigue is crazy. I can’t have anymore radiation after this, I don’t think I have asked what cancer you have and what stage if you don’t mind me asking

What chemo did you have? 

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Re: Bowel / Colorectal Cancer

Well i've so much chemo over the years.  I have bowel cancer.  My histoy has been this

1 Jan 2013 - First bowel cancer operation which they got it all, seemingly followed by 6 months of chemo but I can remember what type

2. Jan 2015 - Second bout.  I had what they call a HIPEC which is where you get opened up from breast to pelvis, they take out the tumour and anything non essential, including overies, gall bladder, apendix, omentum, and i had 2 hours of internal heated chemo which is supposed to get into evey knook and cranny to prevent any future cancer cells.

3. Feb 2016 - third bout - surgery and chemo

4. Jan 2017 - fourth bout - surgery ( they were able to get most tumours but the main one was around my leg arteries so they couldn't touch it. )  I then started fortnightly chemo since April 2017 -  now.  This is when i was classed as terminal.  Currently i'm on Avastin and Folfox.  This made the tumour go to sleep, so it just has not been active for some time.

5.  Oct 2018 - the tumour has decided it didn't want to be asleep any more so now I need to look at a different type of chemo or radiation.  I think i said earlier that unless the dr tells me something that freaks me out, i will try radiation.  My boss actually had radiation about 2 years ago and breezed through it.  I guess it depends on the strength, the frequency and each individual as to what side effects I will actually get.  its just a complete buggar of a thing really. 


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Re: Bowel / Colorectal Cancer

Hi Rosalee and Morenike,

Sending you both positive thoughts as you continue along your cancer journey. My mum was ES who posted the original question and I know she enjoyed the interaction of the Cancer Council community. Sadly she passed away last year.

Thank you for your support and sharing your stories. Whilst cancer is so common, I feel that the realities about living with cancer and going through the various treatments is not as widely discussed. 

Your positive spirits will ensure you get the most out of each day, and sometimes that is just a smile over tea which is enough for that day :):)


All the best.


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