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I was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago. It feels so surreal , people say, you look ok but they don’t know the physical, mental things you go through. I have had radiotherapy, a lobectomy which I was in an induced coma for 3 days. And was psychotic when I came out of it. I have had 4 rounds of 2 types of chemo and immunotherapy. After the 4th round of chemo I had to have 3 units of blood and 1 unit of platelets. Now I have had 1 dose of maintenance treatment which is one lot of chemo and immunotherapy. Tomorrow I go into hospital to have a portal put in because my veins are shot. I wonder is it worth it!!!!  Im sad, tired and still sick from the last chemo!!!!!! Cancer Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Cancer

Hi @Chesel63 ,

I'm very sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Comas are not nice places to be and I think that it's not well understood how traumatic they can be for the patient.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) any major illness where people can't see that there is a physical ailment, has a tendency for the casual observer to drastically underestimate the impact the injury and treatment has had on your life.

I had a port for my chemo, and would be quite happy to have another again if I ever need it.

How did you go?



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