Chemo constipation

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Chemo constipation


Just a note that may be helpful to anyone suffering from chemo Constipation.  I have always taken Mega Magnesium pills  (1500’s) to no known effect.  However after a choking event was crushing tablets. Saw some Swisse Effervescent 300 and took 2, cleaned me out completely. No bellyache which is unusual for a laxative.  I have maintained regularity during my chemo time with 1 tablet.  Maybe this can help someone with a similar problem?  

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Re: Chemo constipation

Two thumbs up for you on having advice on this - I'd suggest going into more detail and putting it in "TREATMENT AND SIDE EFFECTS" if you have time (as chemo is when you're in mid-treatment.

I had awful awful constipation, which caused tearing, bleeding and gut-wrenching pain.  I think I was unlucky - and my experience was on the more severe end of this known side effect ..


But anybody looking into preparation, or in mid treatment, should DEFINITELY factor chemo constipation into their plans.  You won't regret it. 

Hell, even just taking prune juice and 2x the normal amount of water might mitigate the problem a little .. but I think there needs to be a treatment thread dedicated to this, listing out the experiences (so people will take caution) and the best solutions (like the medicine mentioned in this thread)

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