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Does anyone know if sugar is best avoided and whether organic food and weights are best for helping to slow down cancer

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Re: Myeloma



(If you're looking into some more natural ways to help prevent the increase of cancer, I can advise on what i've heard. But please remember that none of this, is really proven and it's just what people say works for them).


The theory is:

* They believe cancer likes sugar
* They believe cancer grows in more acidic environments.
* Some people believe that bi-carb naturalized the acid environment and stops cancer growth.


Results = I've heard that people do an bi-carb/water. So two parts bi-carb/water mixture to one part honey or something liquid sweet. The whole idea is that, the cancer cell draws the honey into them and the bi-carb prevents their growth or something to the effect.


Some people use it to ease the effects of chemotherapy as well.


As for organic food, i suppose its merely to lessen the sugar intake. E.g. some fruits are known to be particular high in natural sugars.

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Re: Myeloma

A heathy diet lower in carbohydrates is best Organic food is free of pesticides so it sounds beneficial.  Sugar is a funny word, Its not just sugar one should avoid but all the foods that convert to sugars once you eat them, for example Bread , Pasta ect.. Depending on your stage of cancer you may have to get a PET Scan . They tell you to limit your carbohydrate intake for 24-48 hours before the test. And you need to fast 6 hours before the test. Then they inject a radioactive sugar water into you. The cancer does metabalize the sugar faster than the rest of your body, Hence showing up on the scan, Making it easier to track . Sugar is all around not good for you. It has no nutritional value and no benefits. one can of a sugar beverage can lower your immune system for an hour after you drink it.  You would be better getting the nutitional benefits and sweetness from fruit instead. There is quite a bit of info for you to reference and it can see overwhelming.Best Wishes

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