Dealing with the frustrating effects of lethargy - grade 2 Oligoastrocytoma

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Dealing with the frustrating effects of lethargy - grade 2 Oligoastrocytoma

Thinking of the recent discussions held with other brain tumour sufferers, referring to coping with the ongoing and frustrating situation we all suffer in different forms. I thought I’d document my current feelings and thoughts after a short days work (5 hours).


I used to be able to cope with this volume and much more years ago, sadly, with age and the tumour situation, working for five hours now in a situation where direct contact with people (no offence intended) drains me to the point where I am now on my second day after the event, which i really enjoyed photographing and am feeling really drained.


I know I’ve said before and planned to put into action the balancing of time...i just find it very frustrating that I can’t stick to it and constantly find myself on day two afterwards, feeling stressed and anxious about the situation I’m in. I guess I manage this okay as i deal with this the best I can. Try to relax, don’t plan too much work for following days and manage the tiredness and ultimately accept and not try and fight it...easier said than done, but I am slowly learning to deal with and accept this state of being.


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