Acupuncture for cancer pain

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Acupuncture for cancer pain

Hello everyone,


What are all your thoughts on using acupuncture to deal with cancer pain?  Does it work or is it all a placebo effect?  I have done some research.  There are many successful anecdotal evidences but the medical and scientific community still seem to have reservation about it?


Thank you for helping!

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Re: Acupuncture for cancer pain

Hi @Mingy_T,


Acupuncture is what we consider a complementary therapy, and it would certainly be worth checking out/reading more about with regards to assisting with cancer pain. We have a page dedicated to it here over on the Cancer Council website that you may like to read.


You may also like to read our book about Understanding Complementary Therapies, which has information about a number of different things that may help, including massage by a therapist with experience in working with people affected by cancer. 


Remember something that what works for one person, may not work for someone else.


On a personal note, I had a horrific cycling accident many years that left me without use of my left arm for over a year. I had extensive physio and surgery, but it was actually massage and acupuncture that did the most for me, especially in relieving the pain. 


I'd be curious to hear if you have tried it out though!




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