Dentist for post-cancer monitoring and treatment

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Dentist for post-cancer monitoring and treatment

Hi 🙂


Can any of you recommend to me some dentists in the inner west that can provide follow - up monitoring and treatment as per RPA dental clinic plan please? 


I have completed my radiation treatment and is on the road to recovery. My oncologist has said i need to bring the treatment plan, given to me by the RPA dental clinic to my private dentist so they are all on the same page.... 


Actually can i keep on seeing the dentist at RPA? or must i go to private clinic?!


thanks everyone



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Re: Dentist for post-cancer monitoring and treatment

Hello @Vahalla,


It's good to see you again! I am glad your radiation treatment has finished and I hope your recovery is going smoothly.


I had a chat to our team in 13 11 20 and they recommend that you speak to the RPA dental clinic. If you can continue seeing them, wonderful but they did mention they can be hard to get into for appointments, but that it would definitely be worth seeing if you can. If you decide to go to a private dentist, the RPA dental clinic will need to talk with them, so everyone is on the same page for your care and wellbeing.


I hope that makes sense to you? Feel free to come back here with any questions Smiley Happy


I hope we see more of you Smiley Very Happy

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