Eating Well

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Eating Well

Eating well after a cancer diagnosis can help you cope with treatment. Good nutrition can give you more energy, help keep your muscles strong, speed up recovery and help manage the side effects of treatment. However, sometimes cancer treatment can make it more challenging to eat well.


Check out the following Cancer Council resources for information and tips on eating well during cancer treatment and beyond:

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Re: Eating Well

Great post and perfect timing. 

I'm going to some friends house for coffee soon. My buddy wife starts her first treatment this afternoon. 

At church yesterday I asked what was her eating plan going to be. 

Looks like her doctor didn't really go through the side effects of radiation with her. 

I don't know if I do have cancer. I'm getting as much information i can just incase my biopsy results shows I do.

Researching cancer and treatments has opened my eyes to see how little I really know. 

I have already been able to help my friends wife with some information about eating healthier during treatment. I call that a win

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