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Hi! everyone has been reasonably quiet of late, hope that is a good thing.I had my whipples surgery November 2005. Since then I usually end up in Hospital January and July in the beginning reason was unknown. Last July they found somac (reflux medication) agreed with me,things were going pretty good. I have not changed my diet, yesterday I started with the belching and pain you would not believe. started off throwing up bile then whatever fluid I drank,I decided to run with it as they never know what is wrong. I nearly rang an ambulance at 9.00pm as I thought I was going to die, pretty scary when you are on your own. I know I was badly dehydrated as  had pain in left kidney? The throwing up eventually settled I did manage to get some sleep my tummy cushion a comfort. I am seeing Doctor on Friday for referal for usual tests. I just need to know if this happens to anyone else.
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