Gday...Hi to all..


Gday...Hi to all..

Hi everyone, I1m new on this site.I have stage 4 Lung cancer that has moved to my pelvis. It has been a Long 4 months since Diagnosis was made with two Biopsies , a pneumothorax,Chemo, Radiation, chest infection (hospitalized and isolated) Blood transfusion and related stresses associated with the realization of having Cancer, I`m a non smoker (although I did smoke in my early years) and worked in the Tobaccoand printing industry. I`m also a carer for my wife who suffered an aneurysm 8 years ago, Luckily her main problem is her inability to handle stress and short term memory loss.Dealing with Cancer can be confusing with Mind,Body and Soul, all demanding their fair share of attention. Drugs and alternative medicine(mainly natural herbs and extracts) are also confusing. I hope to be able to talk with and (if possible) help anyone who needs an willing ear. Hope to talk with you soon. Greg
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