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Newbie without a clue

Hi anyone and everyone :) My name is Nigel and truth be told I've only just stumbled across this website and have just made my account and am trying to figure it all out! hopefully I'm doing the right thing and don't bother anyone..... basically I'm 19 from Melbourne and I have stage two Non-small-cell lung carcinoma of the large-cell type... a very interesting case which makes things tough for me... seven tumors total with three in the right lung and four in the left. I got messed around a little for years as I was never actually tested for cancer of any kind but was being passed around between doctors since 2009 and only really found out about the cancer early this year.. anyway.. basically I just tend to feel a little alone and helpless these days and I was just hoping to have someone to talk to my family doesn't have any idea and only a few friends of mine have any idea about all this so I just was hoping maybe to chat? or for some guidance or.... anything really.. Thanks a lot everyone and anyone who reads this! You're all amazing people Thankyou again Nigel.
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