Hi...Just checking the cool crew who hang out here,LOL.

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Hi...Just checking the cool crew who hang out here,LOL.

Hi...Just checking the cool crew who hang out here,LOL. I was diagnosed with SCC early October after months of telling my GP my right side of my mouth wasn't right.....grrr! My Dentist picked it up and referred me on. Fortunately the Nurse at Maxiofacial clinic red flagged my referral and I was seen quickly... therefore the Diagnosing doctor is very wonderful and never mucked about; Ct scan within the hour and the biopsy that afternoon and surgery just over 3 weeks later. Now I am waiting to have another biopsy after the PET scan, an irregularity at the rear of nose right side.. just love day surgery that I have to be awake for: NOT. Gee I'm saying more than I thought I would... Am so hoping that I can get the radiation and chemo underway..So I can be better. LOL And Stop driving family and friends nuts. Don't like talking on the phone cos I lost just under half my tongue and my speech is slurred.... Not even confident to drive as the flap they used from my left arm/wrist has left me with some nerve damage and it is slightly weak (it is on the improve) and where they removed lymph nodes on the right of my neck is restricting the movement of turning my head... Its not too bad tho' my Prognosis is good at the end of treatment. Well what I'm hoping for I think is not someone who talks 'at' me but people who talk 'with' me. Thank you PS This is difficult cos I am very independent....have had to take unpaid leave from both jobs i work. I guess from reading others comments I am not alone 🙂
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Re: Hi...Just checking the cool crew who hang out here,LOL.

Hi Cecilky I also had a head and neck cancer. You were lucky that your dentist picked up your cancer; they must be a great dentist as many head and neck cancers are not picked up early. Being talked with and listened to is very important. We have a group on here specifically for Head and Neck Cancer people and there is also a very active group on facebook if you happen to be interested. I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Julie
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