I’m terminal and miss my wife’s love

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I’m terminal and miss my wife’s love

I gilly and I just wish I knew about the damage treatments can do to your marriage I now live in a van park caring for myself while fighting my 6th year of terminal kidney cancer my body is starting to fail me my wife cared for me for 5 years and never left my side she was my hero and still is but she gave up on me and made me leave our home and children due to us arguing and me saying mean things to her ,we were always so in love but we never seen this coming and never seeked help ,I wish we did now .I love her and miss her so much it hurts a lot and isn’t helping with my cancer ,iv now stopped all treatments and painkillers and I’m in pain a lot but at least I’m normal in my mind again ,I wish I could turn back time . Nows the time I need my wife and children but it’s too late It’s all my fault but too late to fix it I hate this cancer iv lost everything iv ever worked hard for that is the love of my life my wife and kids I’m forever sorry she was such an amazing wife and mother 

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