Isolated Limb Infusion

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Isolated Limb Infusion

Hi, I am new to this as well as having been diagnosed with reoccurring malignant melanomas. I had surgery twice, the first time in October 2011 and the last in November 2012. Last time the recurring multi melanomas was within one month. I was scheduled for surgery first on the 7th of February and then on the 21st of this month. I have at the moment 17 melanomas, over 4 mm deep on my right lower leg. It was decided that the next step will be a consultation with Prof Thompson from the Poche Center in North Sydney. What I find very disappointing is that I have to find everything for myself. My name is Detlev Litzkow and I am 64 years young. Until October 2011 I never had a medical problem nor have I been in Hospital as a patient. Thank you very much for reading my introduction and feel free to ask questions. Regards Detlev
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Re: Isolated Limb Infusion

Hi Detlev WElcome to this online forum. 🙂 It is good to read that you are being actively involved in your treatment, although I understand that you are saying you have had to find out a lot for yourself. Take care Julie
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