Kidney cancer

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Kidney cancer

Hello. I am a mature aged woman who was diagnosed with kidney cancer early last November. The diagnosis came out of the blue and I think I am still in shock! I had an ache in the hip that wouldn't go away and I kept pressing my GP to get to the bottom of it. After 3 different x-rays and scans, I was finally told that yes, I was right, there was something very wrong. I had kidney cancer and it had spread to the bones and also to my lungs. Radiation has helped with my bone cancer, it was a miracle really, the difference was amazing. I had one lot of chemo tablets, but unfortunately the side effects were so bad that I wished I could die. I haven't had treatment since January and am holding my own with my health. I look forward to talking to others who have similar stories to share. Thanks for reading 🙂
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Re: Kidney cancer

Hi Marnie. It's a big comfort to talk to other people who have (or have had) cancer. A great comfort to talk to someone who has the same type of cancer I have. I'm at the very start of my journey. Surgery next week to remove my right kidney...and prognosis after that. That just lifts the anxiety to eleven out of ten. The cancer is very advanced. I've yet to have my lungs checked out. One moment I'm strong and determined, the next just falling apart. I see you posted this a while ago, so maybe you won't have noticed I replied to your post. But maybe I just need to say something here. Maybe just put my thoughts down, and try to work things out. Because the future now is so clouded, and just leaving all of this in my head is making me dizzy.
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