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Newbie here.

Hi everybody! I'm 62 years old, happily married to my wife of 33 years (officialy!!), teach high school and have 3 adult children. Ever since diagnosis of sigmoid colon cancer on 11 November, my head has been slapped about with TONS of information, much of it contradictory (google is a double-edged sword...). On 11 December, my cancer and 8 lymph nodes abutting it were surgically removed. No cancer in nodes. Great! Recovery was swift and good. That's my kind of treatment. Discharged on 3rd day post-op day. Then yesterday surgical team called to pass results of path results of the removed bits: still nothing in nodes, but a tiny tumour found in a 'minor' blood vessel near cancer site which might have sent cancer cells round body through blood system and not lymph system.... Deflated. Nurse suggested chemo. But surgeon said percentage efficacy of chemo therapy just a few percent; positive in 2 out of 100 people......Blood-borne cancer cell will be eliminated by body (cancer cell cannot live indefinitely in bloodstream...) if it does not attach itself first to any other organ tissue. I'm debating not having chemo and taking a chance on secondary cancer being picked up thru ongoing hospital checkups.... Anybody have a similar experience or know somebody who has??! Thanks for reading, people.
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