Living in the country with high UV index when you have melanoma

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Living in the country with high UV index when you have melanoma



My name is Daniel. Actually I am not Australian and I don't live in Australia, I am blond hair guy with white skin from Europe, but 8 years I lived in Thailand. In 2018 first time I was diagnosed that I have melanoma. I had 2 surgeries to cut the cancer sign (big black point on the chest)  and a few sentinel lymph nodes. For 4 years I have a rest from melanoma, I stayed in Thailand, however I was very careful about  sun (I used SPF 30 and 50, I didn't have any sun bath, I swam only in t-shirt, I avoid walking iunder sun between 10 am-4pm, diet etc.). 4 years was ok. Unfortunately 6-8 months ago cancer came back- I had horrible pain of my back, tumours on the head and other parts of the body, black and deep blue points. Now I have targeted therapy in cancer which gives great effects- tumours and pain in back disappeared, I feel much better. I am sure after a few months I will be fine.

I am writing in your comunity forum because I heard in Australia melanoma cancer is often case and there is hot climate, high UV (just like in Thailand) almost all year. So I would like   to ask Australian people who have or had in the past melanoma cancer:


- how do you manage yourself in the hot weather, when UV is 10 or more? I mean how can you work, live, exist in the hot weather, sunny days if you have or had melanoma cancer ?


- how do you protect yourself from skin cancer in Australia ?


- what could you reccomand me, advise me from your experience?


I don't hide your answers can help me very much. I am sure if there are people with melanoma who have normal life in country with the high UV index and hot climate, and they can exist there, I can use the same paterns. Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in some cool country, far from Thailand and happy life what I had there.


Thank you for your replies,

Best regards,




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Re: Living in the country with high UV index when you have melanoma

Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with melanoma.

Different individuals will take a different approach to managing the risk of UV and skin cancer.


Personally I try to avoid being directly out in the sun while at full strength (sun directly over head).

If I am, I wear long sleeve tops, hat and sun screen.


Historically in Australia sunburn was normal and a part of summer. But that is slowly changing.

It's starting to become normal to wear long top clothing while swimming and outside and regular application of sunscreen


Wishing you a long and healthy life!

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Re: Living in the country with high UV index when you have melanoma

Hi Dan55,

Thank you very much for reaching out and trying to find out more information about sun protection and melanoma in Australia.

I am sharing the following link with you about skin cancer facts and statistics, I hope you find some answers there.



Kind regards


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Re: Living in the country with high UV index when you have melanoma

Sorry to hear about your skin cancer, it is a horrible thing. I do these things: sun protection from UV protective clothes (fabric 50spf UV protective), very wide hat, vitamin D3 everyday, niacinamide vitamin B3 everyday, blood group diet, stay out of sun 10 to 4 and also wear mask over lower face. I also am blonde and fair and skin cancer all appearing in my 50s. Grew up in sun. Stay positive and make the most of life, blondes also have fun!

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