Living with cancer...emotional overload


Living with cancer...emotional overload

Recent cancer diagnosis, underwent combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy concurrently which was hell on my body, but it was the most effective form of treatment.  Went to start immunotherapy infusions when I was told the treatment hadn't been adequate, the cancer had spread, now considered terminal...prognosis less than 12 months.  So, emotions are overwhelming, but I seem to be getting used to the idea. What I struggle with at the moment is telling people. Whenever I tell someone new, it brings the pain and distress back.  I feel alone, I don't want to burden my family.  Tonight I just feel like crying. I'm trying to find distractions, but even watching tv isn't helping. Thought maybe if I told someone who understands what this is like, it might help.

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Re: Living with cancer...emotional overload

Hello @DebF and welcome to our community,


I am glad you found us, you are not alone here 💕


Have you been in contact with 13 11 20 at all? I'll be sending you an email in a moment with a few options.


You might also like to check out some of our podcasts:

You may also like to check out our podcast series on advanced cancer as well ❤️


Sending hugs!!



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