Micks progress

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Micks progress

Hi Tony thanks for contacting me again. It’s 9.45 pm and I’ve had a pretty good day . I’ve re had my 3 vaccinations and my GP has given me a little more leeway to go out in the public within reason. I saw him today after he had been on holidays. 
So glad you have the 2 doves that come to your door . They would love your welcome I’m sure ! 
Its a balmy 24 degrees Celsius over here at the moment and a pleasant night on my balcony with my dog missy. 
can I send you my email to talk more about my lesion and treatment? 
Thanks for accepting my chat . Have a good day , night . Not sure the time in the Uk at the moment. Take care . Mick 

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Re: Micks progress

Yes Mick you can email me, the address is tony1943k@yahoo.co.uk
You should find having someone to talk to about your life and interests takes your mind of your illness. You could even show me photos of your dog, fish and buggies.
I have had my 3 vaccinations too but I have no faith in them. They have already made it clear from the start that they do not stop you getting infected or infecting others, that all they do is help make having covid less fatal.
Again you are so lucky to be able to sit out on your balcony with your dog. I take it that missy is the dogs name. It's so cold over here at the moment.
I think the time difference between Australia and the UK is about 9 hours. Tony


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Re: Micks progress

Hi Mick

Got your email but it did not look like any of my other emails. I did send a reply though, hope you got it OK


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