My journey

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My journey

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer stage 1b grade 3, an aggressive cancer. My journey involved a simple doctors appointment which changed my life into some urgency with hospital appointments, scans, operations then more appointments for discussions, operations, scans and then someone actually talking to me about a treatment plan that I actually understood for radiation therapy. During this whole process a span of 6 months I wasn't treated like an individual, but a number. This particular cancer was classified as common. I wasn't important enough to see a doctor that had cancer knowledge or the surgeon who was going to perform the op, I should just accept and trust the team and the feeble amount of information I received and face my fate. This is wrong!!.. I was alone, scared and confused. Don't be me. For anyone who has just recently been diagnosed with cancer, accept nothing. Ask the questions, have a look at the scans, talk to a doctor who specialises with the type of cancer you have and don't feel afraid to stand up for yourself and take the time to think things over. Get a second opinion if necessary, do research online, seek assistance from support groups, counsellors, those who can let you know what's ahead. Its not easy its a hard path and if your not prepared for what's ahead you will always have a small amount of the "what if's" and possibly regret and anger. Many would say I should be grateful it was caught early enough, now comes the waiting 5yrs before I can be called a survivor.
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Re: My journey

Hi forgums Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It sounds as though you have had a horrific ordeal and I hope you have a good support network. I have recently been diagnosed with endometrial cancer stage 1a, grade 1 and am currently playing the waiting game for my next D&C to see if my treatment is working or not.
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