Paraneoplastic myolitis

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Paraneoplastic myolitis

Hi all,


I was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and due to my age, the doctor was confident in a successful treatment with chemotherapy. However, after the chemotherapy sessions, I began to experience severe muscle weakness and was recently diagnosed with Paraneoplastic myolitis - a form of autoimmune disease where my immune cells attack my body cells and cause muscle inflammation.


It has since left me bedbound and I am currently in immense pain.


Is anyone experiencing the same condition or does anyone know any effective treatment? Would apppreciate any form of answers.



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Re: Paraneoplastic myolitis

Hi @Anonymouss and welcome to the community, I've moved your post into the Living with cancer forum just to help get it a little bit more visibility.


Sorry to hear you're in such pain Smiley Sad


Has anyone else here had paraneoplastic myelitis? Or does anyone have any suggestions you've tried or have heard about that might help Anonymouss with treatment or pain management?


Here are some resources you may find helpful, the podcasts and webinar can be accessed from laptops and mobile devices such as a tablet or phone:

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