Righto, I've stepped up...

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Righto, I've stepped up...

Now you can all sit back down. I guess everyone has a story to tell, so here's a breif overview of mine so far. I was diagnosed at age 10 with Hereditary Glomerelo Nephritis, specifically Alports Syndrome. This effects renal (kidney) function and by the age of 22 I suffered end stage renal failure, meaning dialysis. I did that for 2 years (and met my wife) and then was offered a kidney by my sister. The transplant was successful for 7 years during which time we had our first child, now 8, but it then slowly rejected. Back onto dialysis again for about 4 years and having another child, then as luck would have it I was called into the hospital late one night for another chance. I grabbed it with both hands and have been trying to make the most of it ever since. My son is 8 and my daughter is 4 next month. Last November I was told that my liver function was declining. I was told to ease off the grog, but that's a bit hard whrn you're a non drinker. Tests followed early this year after a trip to the south to (successfully) climb Mt Kuskioszko and I was informed that I had Constrictive Pericarditis. This is calcification of the muscle that surrounds the heart and is a side effect of dialysis. At this stage thankfully I had slowed my heave boozing days (remember I don't drink) and my liver finction was looking better. An MRI and CT scans for the heart condition showed a shadow on my upper left lung, and .... wait for it ... that's what has led me here. 2 weeks ago I had a biopsy and was informed last week that I have small cell lung cancer, which may also be neuroendocrine carcinoma. During my heavy boozing days apparently I was smoking quite heavily. Oh, forgot to tell you , I never have smoked either. OK, there was this one time behind a feriends shed and if I recall, maybe I inhaled. Today I met with the oncologist and it is fortunately (I think I can still use that term!) a slow growing type, so they are planning to attack it with chemo and radio starting Thursday. Surgery is not an option, apparently. Caroplatina and Etoposide are 2 names that I have scrawled on the notes from todays meeting. Research day tomorrow at work (while the boss isn't looking!) I guess by now you might notice that I cope with all of this with humour. That's my out. I will probably just be a voyeur here rather than too much of a contributor, but I welcome emails from ppl who might want a chat or similar. BTW, you may notice that I look fairly shagged i my avatar. I was the highest person in Australia with my feet on terra firma at the time that pic was taken. Anyway thanks for the ear. Must log out, I don't want to miss my beauty sleep. Coke
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