Small Cell Cancer of the Prostate

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Small Cell Cancer of the Prostate

Hi All, I was diagnosed with Small Cell Cancer of the Prostate at first presentation 17 months ago, Gleason Score of 9 (5+4), spread to lymph node and Pelvic bone, I also also had adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

After receiving 6 rounds of chemo (etoposide & carboplatin), and at the same time receiving Hormone therapy (Zoladex) every 12weeks, the tumor shrunk, allowing me to pee normally.

Other than fatigue, my check ups show no new metastatic sites after 17months, when my life expentecy outlook was poor (6months).

Any one out there with small cell cancer of the prostate?, not much info on this cancer, love to hear your story and how you are coping with your journey.

My oncologist advised me my cancer was in-operable and in-curable, and their goal is to prolong life and quality of life. Seems to be working at the moment.

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Re: Small Cell Cancer of the Prostate

Congratulations on doing so well! That’s great! My son ager 49 was diagnosed last year with stage three PC, which turned out to be stage four PC because it had reached some of the lymph nodes… two months after the surgery his PSA was 20 he was given Lupron plus generic Zytiga and prednisone and six weeks of  IMRT for the lymph node area that was affected. It was in the lymph nodes toward the stomach area not all over his body. His PSA has dropped to <.01 in about six months and he goes in for his next PSA in November …so far it looks like the Medicine is working but he’s also tertiary five so he could be on the ADT a long time. ….we are just hoping that in November his PSA remains this low. ….nothing they found before the RP surgery indicated that it would be anything more than a once and done none of his numbers were super high and then at his two months after surgery check up, we found out his PSA had jumped up to 20 instead of going to zero. He had seen three or four specialists before having the surgery and none none of them had any idea it was beyond the prostate… after the PSA of 20 they gave him a PSMA pet scan, and that’s what showed that they were cancer nodules in the pelvic area lymph nodes. I am a mother not a significant other or wife and one of the very primary support system. I try to be without being a PITN! I don’t feel I have felt the same since the diagnosis. I worry a lot, and might choose to see a counselor.I am very happy that you’re doing well and I guess we are too, but I just tend to worry a great deal. My son was told his is incurable too but he’s hoping for remission . he’s become a vegan and has improved his diet totally. Well that’s our journey now until November PSA test. He’s gained some weight on the medication but seems to be tolerating them pretty well but I know that he is more irritable and moody , but he also has a new job promotion that he’s dealing with so that’s probably part of the stress…would love to hear more from you and I hope that you keep doing well🤗 from our family to yours.

PS Not much out there on Tertiary 5 but it’s aggressive 

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