Wellness Centres -The Irony

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Wellness Centres -The Irony

I was thinking about it? Living with cancer you become familiar with the term “Wellness centre” or some such label! Perhaps Therapeutic Centre.

But would we be in the “Wellness” centre if we were well? Who came up with these names?

Is attached to funding streams? Was there a “Cancer patient advisory group” 

Just musing thoughts while sitting in the “Wellness Centre”😊

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Re: Wellness Centres -The Irony

Fair call.

One could argue the medical centre which is making you better, is about making you well, not about cancer. Yes this is probably a bit of a stretch. I'm sorry.

When we're unwell and many will be down in the dumps, we're trying to concentrate on what we are doing right, and not what is wrong. A psychological difference only, maybe. 

But any difference and focusing on what matters and not what doesn't can only help.

Best of luck to you.


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