Ssshhhh, I've got breast cancer

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Ssshhhh, I've got breast cancer

Oh wait, I don't say ssshhhhh - I shout it from the roof tops. If you stand still for long enough near me I'm sure to tell you about it. I'm a very open and positive thinking gal. A fabulous Wife and amazing Mother of an 8yo girl. I'm sure my Husband and Daughter would disagree but if I keep repeating it enough times, I'm sure they'll believe me sooner or later. I've just started on my journey. Had my Mammogram on 28th Jan, Biopsy on 14th Feb (Happy Valentines Day - NOT), and the news told to me on 21st Feb. I have two cancer lumps in my left breast. One is 1cm the other 4.3cm. My right is all clear - Yahooo!!! I'm heading off to have the blue dye injected into my boob today ... that's right - call me Smurf Tits! Then Hospital tomorrow for my Sentinal Node removal. I then start a full lot of Chemo (8 rounds?) then a mastectomy and then radiotherapy and finally a new Pammy Anderson/Katy Price sized boob (I'll have to get the other one fixed too so I don't swim in circles). Oh, what a year I have ahead of me. As I said, I'm a positive person and I know I'm going to kick me some Cancer butt. My New Years Resolution was to stop my hoarding ways and finally get rid of all useless stuff I don't need ... little did I know that was to include a Cancer and my Boob. :) Can you tell I like a bit of a joke and a laugh? Hope everyone is having a fabo day. Storm
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Re: Ssshhhh, I've got breast cancer

Storm I wish you all the best in the times ahead with your treatments,your spirit will stand you in good stead,I can tell you have a good sense of humour it will come in handy,good luck with your node removal tomorrow. kj
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