Stuck in a rut

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Stuck in a rut

Hi everyone I came across this site trying to find a site where I can chat with others who know how I feel. In 2009 docs found 2 growths on the brain. For 12mths it was MRI's every 3mths to keep track. But in 2010 one was beginning to grow so had an operation to remove it, we knew that one was non cancerous, so while in there they took a biospy of the other even though it never glowed in all previous MRI's. I received a phone call the day they got results back to say it was. So 6 weeks of radiation followed. We thought it had worked as it had deflated and docs were happy. But the last MRI at end of 2011 was told it had grown back, so 6 months of chemo followed. It will be a year in June that there has been no change either way. Even so some days I'm finding it harder to get out of a slump. I just can't get motivated to do anything. Previous to radiation treatment I had lost 25k and felt wonderful. But they put me on steroids which put the weight back on. The hair loss I didn't care about. Now with all the weight gain I can't walk as much as much cause of the pain in my feet, knees and hips from Arthritis beginning. The thing I am finding hard at the moment is having someone to talk to who has gone thru treatment, knows how I feel, someone who doesn't care if I cry and wet their shoulder and just hug me. I can't do this with family and friends even though I know they are there for me but I feel I am burdening them with my problem. Does anyone else feel this way or gone thru it and worked out what I can do to get past these frustrating feelings?
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Re: Stuck in a rut

Hi Neenie I havent had the same cancer as you but I have had two others. I know it is very hard to ask people to help, but at the same time I know that I like it when other people ask me to help them. Maybe you would not be as much of a burden as you think if you told people close to you how you are feeling. It can be really hard to move on after treatment, or if you are a bit in limbo, as the world looks so much different after cancer. It sounds like it would help if you could connect with either a cancer support group or a counsellor of some sort who might give you some strategies to help you. Sometimes very simple techniques can help, if only you know what they are. All the very best to you Edie
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