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Amanda - that would be so cool! when it is clear what is happening with this site and YAC services, perhaps we will form a working group that can run a promo campaign. I am sure that we can chat with the media/advertising dept of CC and get some help with funding or using resources with this also with talent like yours, we are lucky!! thanks :) if anyone else is interested in being involved in an awareness campaign to get this YAC service out there, drop us a line here....
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I'm excited that a group exists that wants to do something about creating awareness amongst young adults. I'm a very visual person so when I was thinking about posters this is what I pictured in my minds eye.... [ image ] Reena loves to dance, and when not dancing enjoys reading a good book. Eating good food and drinking great wine.... [ ] blah blah blah Breast cancer can effect anyone. Do your self examinations and see your G.P ..... blah blahblah I have contacted the minister for health a couple of times asking if they are planning any campaigns that address breast cancer for women under 40 and am still waiting for a repsonse. It's a good thing I didn't hold my breath as it's been months since I contacted her.
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