hey im new, and would like to talk to people :D

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hey im new, and would like to talk to people :D

wow, just wanted to say how, not sure what word to describe this feeling is, i have been part of a few different communities before, but never something so moving as this,  my step father bashed me when i was 22 and sent me to hospital where they did a brain scan, and it was found out i had a brain tumour, i remember being on a hospital bed and having the feeling that my life would end soon, it was a very dreaful feeling, but i sorta went, fuck it, i knew i wasnt ready to die, but i was in denial about my life at the time, addicted to drugs and constantly in fights with my parents. luckily my doctor then told me it was benine BUT it was located in the cerebellum and could not be operated on without some possible consqeqences, such as possible loss of mobility in my body, i decided a few days later that i didnt want the operation and that i would go on living, its been about 10 years since that day and i havent had any problems or severe headaches or anything ! i was also diagnosed with schizophrenia at about the same time, perhaps a little earlier but not sure, i currently attend a talk group for it on fridays in chatswood, sydney. i just wanted to say , i personally regard my tumour as part of me, and would feel uncomfortable having the operation, i hope i dont sound too immature as i dont want to offend anyone, but i feel deeply for people who die of cancer. im not too sure on the history of cancer but i know its prevailance has dramtically increased in the past decade because of certain advancements in food and stuff like that (or so ive heard), to tell the truth , im blabbering, or i feel i am, i am new to this community and would like to sincerely outreach to people in similar circumstances, i dont mind forums at all, i was thinking to perhaps start attending some talk groups on it and start connecting with other young people affected by cancer. i will ring the hotline tommorow and would love to hear from anyone, thank you, scott ~

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Re: hey im new, and would like to talk to people :D

Hi @scottyblue and welcome!


Thank you for sharing your story with us, that must have been difficult to deal with.


Please don't be worried about sounding immature, I don't think you do at all. In fact it's incredibly mature to be as upfront and seeking out people and new experiences Smiley Happy


How did you get on with our hotline?

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