32yr old Stage 3 rectal cancer


32yr old Stage 3 rectal cancer

Hi, first time here, I have 2 rounds of chemo left before I can have surgery. 

I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same position as me and if so how are you handling it? 

I am a mother and a wife and I just use all my energy to be 'normal' and get on with life.

I am fighting this biggest fight I've ever had to do but I can't stop and give it a second thought otherwise I will crumble.


If you are around the same age as me and understand what I'm saying feel free to chat 😊


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Re: 32yr old Stage 3 rectal cancer

Hi. I’m 52 and was diagnosed with stage 3A colorectal cancer in 2022. I had surgery, still have a colostomy , went through chemo and radiation .  It’s been quite the journey for sure. I tried really had to be strong in front of my husband , we never told my than 10 yr old what I really had….he thought I was being treated just for stomach issues.  I was very lucky to have a small AMAZING support system , can’t imagine how people who don’t get through it.  I hope you have some support. 

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