Advanced stomach cancer

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Advanced stomach cancer

Hello everyone. I just found out two weeks ago that I have cancer. I was diagnosed with advanced staged stomach cancer that has spread to my liver. I am starting my 1st chemo treatment today. I am scared, but I will be fine! I am lucky that I have support from a few people. I know that I am not alone. Keeping a positive attitude also helps. Easier said than done, But I gotta do it. Wishing all of you the best.


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Re: Advanced stomach cancer

Hi @LisaMarie52,

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnoses.

It sounds like you have a positive attitude. Everyone who is diagnosed with cancer is scared. That quite normal.

Do you have surgery planned? Good luck with the chemo.

Keep us updated with your treatment.



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Re: Advanced stomach cancer

  • Hey Sch, Thank you for asking. I am not able to have surgery at this time. This 1st treatment was not as bad as I thought. I have heard how bad it can be.  Although I am just starting chemo, I will take it as it comes. One day at a time.🙂
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