Bladder Cancer

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Bladder Cancer

Hi, new to group. 33 year old male. Recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. Not too happy with my life as it is, so wondering if I let it take me, however not a lot of info on what that will look like. Anyone got any information on the effects of untreated bladder cancer. Non muscle invasive, low grade, in-situ 

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Re: Bladder Cancer

Hello AB,

Thank you very much for joining our community and for reaching out.

I am very sorry about your diagnosis, and I can notice how this has affected you emotionally.

If you reside in Australia I would like to suggest to call our information and support line on 131120 to find out if any of our services are suitable for you.

You can also call this number to talk to one of our oncologist nurses who can answer any clinical questions you may have.

I am leaving you below some information about bladder cancer which I hope you find helpful.


Warm regards


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Understanding bladder cancer


What is bladder cancer






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