Chronic pain

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Chronic pain

My oncologist doesn't take my complaints about chronic pain seriously. He is advocating further surgery, but that doesn't address my current problem which is coping with the pain. Over the last eight years I have survived three bouts with cancer: mouth X 2 and kidney X 1. The pain has caused me to lose so much weight I virtually starved and I am more or less bed-ridden. What do I do if it proves that I am right and he is wrong? My overall feeling is that the oncologist is tired of me. I live in a regional area, and it is difficult to change doctors. I have to travel for nearly a whole day to get a quick five minutes with my GP. Is there  any backup service I can access to get help with post-cancer problems? p.s. I am an aged  pensioner.

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Re: Chronic pain

Hi Rog,


I am sorry to hear about your difficulties in convincing your GP there is something that needs following up on.

You are not alone here. A quick look through the posts here will give you many examples of this.

I would seek a second opinion, although you might have limited options if you are in a remote area.

Perhaps you could try calling the Cancer Council support helpline.


Good luck and let us all know how you go.



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Re: Chronic pain

Hi Rog
I find it hard to believe your oncologist is not addressing your pain issues, I found my Palative Cair Nurse very helpful in this regards as managing pain is such a big aspect of quality of life.
I would be knocking on as many doors as necessary to get some help.
I wish you all the very best for a positive outcome and all the very best in your journey.
Kind Regards & Best Wishes
👍 Peter👍

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