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I am really disappointed with this site , it's not easy to use , it's not very helpful and I guess that's why just about NO ONE uses it. I get more information and support from an American site I have join.

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Re: Disappointed

Morning @Darlene2020 and thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.


Can I ask what you part of the site you found difficult to use? This helps me understand what people want or need.


We do know that a lot of people use the site, but not everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories. Which is why we have the site completely open, many prefer to read rather than posting.


I am in the process of building up the information and support available on the site and change things about, so I'd definitely love to know your thoughts good or bad. Feel free to reach out to me via email if you prefer - onlinecommunity@nswcc.org.au.



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