Hi - I’m 65 and received a diagnosis of prostate cancer

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Hi - I’m 65 and received a diagnosis of prostate cancer

I live in the Illawarra region and after a GP recommended PSA check two months ago and then a urologist referral,  I got  news of a Lvl 2 prostate cancer this week. The investigation process was thorough; an initial functional test, a digital exam (that was unexpected), an MRI, a biopsy and next week I’m booked in for a PET scan. I’m hopeful that this will show a localised cancer but if it’s not; then I’ll just have to deal with it, hey?!  The urologist tells me that there’s a couple of treatment options, and the PET result will shape these options. The two main options are; Radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy (various forms). 


I’ve accepted  the diagnosis and grateful that I live in close proximity to medical and hospital services because many folks don’t have that access and travel for these services must be a real challenge if you’re from a rural or remote region. However,  I am anxious about my social isolation as this will impact on my mental and physical health because while I have family, they’ve requested no contact. 


Anyway, for anyone else out there who’s already on the treatment path, I’d be grateful for any tips or advice; especially on the surgery options and side-effects. Dr M has provided a lots of books from the PCFA (?) for reading…

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Re: Hi - I’m 65 and received a diagnosis of prostate cancer

Hello Richard,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the online community. I am sorry to hear about your family, I hope you find some support from this community.

If you reside in Australia, and in need of emotional support, someone to talk to, that will listen to your needs and provide information about our services, feel free to call Cancer Council on 131120.


Warm regards


Cancer Council NSW

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