Hi all!!

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Hi all!!

Well 6 months ago I had a seizure and today I'm sitting at home sick from chemo treatment, a grade 4 tumor removed from my brain. Woke up from surgery with some visual and spatial damage. Won't drive a car again, often put my shoes on the wrong feet and weird things like that. I have a little girl.  get tons of help from friends and family but hey. Gratefully accepting any hope any one wants to send my way. And my love to you all. So many moving stories on here. 


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Re: Hi all!!

Hi Puffball, thanks for posting your story. Yes, I'm often moved by stories I read here, yours too, yours very much so. I click thru the posts chronologically as there seems to be nobody else here with hepatoma and associated issues. It seems to be an unpopular type. My love and hope to you and your girl. My definition of hope and optimism were previously confused, now i'm very clear as my optimism is slowly fading and my heart is full of hope for my self and for all the wonderful people who share their stories here.
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