I think i have cancer! Im scared!


I think i have cancer! Im scared!

Hi im an 18 yearold male, i decided to stop smoking for about 2 months now. This march 2020 i felt something scratchy in my throat but i ignored it because maybe its just a lilttle side effect from smoking. After a week i started experiencing difficulty in breathing, i feel like my chest is tight when im breathing (wheezing appeared after a day). I was panicking thinking maybe its pneumonia and thinking i will die, im stuck in the middle of lockdown here in my country also, my family is not that rich to buy the medicines i need. Fast forward, after a week i felt something is blocking my throat, something like a tablet or a food. I kept drinking water and kept swallowing just to clear my throat, i started searching about my symptoms. I read that maybe its a throat cancer or just a globus sensation but still im panicking and cannot sleep properly. After a week, i started feeling weak and then disappear, something like a fatigue. I started drinking lemonade, eating more vegies and having a better hygiene than before just to boost my immune system. 


Its been a week now and im still panicking, i started checking my throat and there is a red circles in the back of my throat and i think my left tonsil is getting bigger than the right one. I also feel a lump in my neck, above the colar bone and in the left side of my neck. Its not that big, but when im turning my head i can see the lump. I never experience pain when swallowing. But i can still feel the blockage in my throat and a little beat of fatigue. I also starting to feel a little ache in my ears (not that painful). Also a little headache.


I joined here to ease my fear of dying, its been 2 or almost 3 weeks now. Im so scared that maybe i will die or i will really die. Im scared that maybe i cant go to school because of this, i dont want to die because i still want to become a doctor. I dont want to ruin my studying because i want to finish college and help my family. Please help me im so scared, i dont know what to do. Everyday i think of dying, im scared that one day i will not see my family anymore. Maybe someone here has the same symptoms i have, i think my friends are not believing since they dont feel what i feel every single day. 


All i do for now is to sit next to my mom and just feel her everyday. Im hoping that maybe someone can help me, my other problem is where will my family get the money for my medicine. I dont do the things i usually do, like making music and using social medias. Im so scared, i will never smoke again. 


Please help me.

Cancer Council Team

Re: I think i have cancer! Im scared!

Hi @migy099 and welcome 💚


Just checking in and seeing how you are!


Have you been able to talk to your Mum or another family member about your concerns? If you're able, I'd highly recommend having a chat to your family doctor and getting to the bottom of it.



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