I've just Neen diagnosed with colon cancer

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I've just Neen diagnosed with colon cancer

Hi, I'm 54 and had a colonoscopy 11 days ago, and they found a 30mm malignant tumour, and some other suspicious lesions. I have 2 scans coming up, within the next week,yet I haven't heard about all the biopsy results. I'm confused the nurse said that they may nit be malignant,  yet the paperwork gave to me says that I have 2 malignant tumors, another that is probably malignant and a suspicious lesion, how long do I have to wait for any answers, my Dr's are no help, amd I feel like I'm on an island that is shrinking ad no one can help me. Does anyone else know anything about how I get results, my gp says they hospital will write to me, but that's all I have got from them. I'm sorry if this is me over reacting, but I amst a loss as to why a nurse said wait for the biopsy results,  and paperwork says I have malignant tumours. I feel like I'm drowning, and everyone around me is either treating me with kid gloves, or not letting me do anything for myself,not even make a brew. Any help would be very much appreciated. 

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Re: I've just Neen diagnosed with colon cancer

Hi @MissTee ,


Sorry to hear about your situation.


If it were me in your situation, I would be hounding my GP to get answers to EVERY question that I have.


The medical profession often appears to be a closed society. Unless you have the right credentials, there is no way in.  Your GP has those credentials and needs to fulfil their responsibility to you in being your advocate in this matter. They have the clout to get information from the specialists and then the knowledge to translate that into something that you can understand. If they can't do this for you, then they aren't doing their job - they are essentially "doing you harm" by leaving you in the dark.


So go to it and let your GP know what you need from them. And don't accept "No" as an answer.


Let us know how it goes.


Big hugs and best wishes to you!


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Re: I've just Neen diagnosed with colon cancer

Thanks for the reply, qs for the gp, I can't get an appt, I spokebto a dr last week, he didn't even know I'd been diagnosed, to get a telephone appt with the gp is a devils own job, I'm currently chasing up the colorectomy nurse who rang me, to see if she can help. My little island is getting smaller, and I'm so stressed, I don't know what to do, I cannot get a definitive answer,  although on report it says its malignant,  yet people say wait for the biopsies to get back, I'm lost and its not helping me when I have nowhere to turn.


Thank you for replying, I will try to get past the receptionist at my go surgery, which is awful, I said last week I may have cancer, and ahe said ring back after 12pm, it was 11.57am, its ridiculous, my husband couldn't see a gp last year, they said his stomach pain was stress, 4 months later, he was rushed to hospital and nearly died, his gallbladder was gangreneous,  he was hours away from death. 


Thanks take care 

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