Immune system

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Immune system

I have been more tired than usual, and in the last month I have had more sinus infections that I ever had before. Mom said that keytruda did a number  to my immune system. Has anyone out there have any thoughts or ideas? If so, I would love to hear from you! If anyone has extra energy, please send some my way! lol


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Re: Immune system



Sorry to hear about your infection and you being so tired. 

I'm going to assume you are getting treatment or done with them. 

It would helpful knowing that cancer you have/had. 

I have a blood cancer that has already lowered my immune system and the treatment is going to lower it even more. 

They have me taking meds at home and I get a shot to help boost my white blood cells. 

Your mom is right. Your immune system is weak. You should avoid being around people that are sick and limited going out unless it needed. 

I work around a lot of people so sometimes you have to interact with people even though it's not the best thing for you. 

Research eating healthy having cancer. 

Try to up your protein intake to help you have more energy. I  know for me I was useless for a few days after my first treatment. I been told it gets worse after each one. My doctor has advised me to be ready to be out of work for 4 months if not longer I have put in for a transfer to a smaller location and filed all the necessary paperwork just incase I can't work. 

I hope you are doing well and stay strong 

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Re: Immune system

Hi Robin.


Like you, I too suffer from extreme tiredness (chronic fatigue) as a result of ongoing immunotherapy treatment. My oncologist has prescribed small doses of Prednisolone in response to the tiredness. Since commencing the Prednisolone the constant tiredness has lifted....a little bit. I still do not want to get out of bed each morning but once I do arise the day is easier to get through. Notwithstanding, I have adopted a strategy of taking a rest period for about an hour every afternoon. 

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