New and looking for someone to talk to

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New and looking for someone to talk to

Hi, I’m new to this. 

I got diagnosed with brain cancer November 2020. I underwent surgery and was told it wouldn’t come back for 5-20 years. Turns out it came back after 11months. I’ve recently just had my second surgery. I just wanted to reach out for someone to talk to as I have a young daughter and I’m struggling a lot around the anxiety and uncertainty especially with my daughters future. 





Re: New and looking for someone to talk to

Hello, Amy, I won't say welcome to the club, but I will say that you have definitely come to a great place for support. Many of us are fighting all different types of cancer, and sometimes it's good just to talk outside of family and friends.


I don't know anything about brain cancer (mine is advanced pancreatic), but it does seem like a good sign their having successfully treated the cancer the first time around. I'm sure the treatment this time will go just as well.


The anxiety thing, I can relate to, for sure, and also the uncertainty. One thing I've done constantly since being diagnosed four months ago, is to tell myself, and my loved ones, that at least I know what is wrong with me and that everything that can be done to help me is being done. Just being able to do that makes me feel better, because the uncertainty of life, when you really think about it, is something that is forever present from the moment we're born. I suppose what I'm saying is that any of us can be taken at any time, without warning; in a car accident, for example.


I don't know if that's any comfort to you, but like I said, at least you know what you're dealing with and are in good hands with your medical staff who will again do all they can to help you. In the meantime, stay positive, and on behalf of everyone here (you'll get to know everyone better with every post) rest assured that you're communicating with people, just like you, who wish you nothing but absolute success in destroying what you're dealing with. My personal advice? Be angry at it. Cancer has no right to be in our bodies. Just kill it. Destroy it. Forever. As I'm sure you will this time around.





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Re: New and looking for someone to talk to

Amy sorry to hear that you are going through this again.  11 months!!! That definitely sucks...

I just had my first treatment last week...

I praying it goes well because if my cancer comes back it doesn't usually react well .

I completely understand the anxiety of all this. I have been in the hospital because of the pain it causes me many years ago. 

Lucky for my wife and I our kids are grown up. I'm very thankful that that. 

Can I ask how old is your kid and do you have close family that are helping you 

Stay strong and positive!!!

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