Invitation to Participate in a Research Study Interview

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Invitation to Participate in a Research Study Interview






Macquarie University and Cancer Council NSW are doing some follow-up interviews after the recent survey distributed by the Cancer Council Online Community (CCoC).


The purpose of the interviews is to understand the reasons why you post or don’t post in the online community. We want to find out why engaging in the online community is important because we want to ensure the online community is relevant and useful to the community it serves.


The study is being conducted to meet the requirements for the degree of Master of Research under the supervision of Dr. Yvette Blount, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Faculty of Business and Economics.


If you decide to participate, you will be asked to answer questions related to CCoC environmental features, personality characteristics and psychosocial factors. The interview is anticipated to take between 45-60 minutes. The interview will be audio recorded.


Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member or user of the Cancer Council Online Community.
  • Have been diagnosed with cancer, are a carer or a survivor.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Willing to volunteer approximately 45-60 minutes of your time to answer various questions.

Any information or personal details gathered in the course of the study are confidential, except as required by law. No individual will be identified in any publication of the results. All data collected will be held on Macquarie University’s secured servers. Codes and identifiers will be used when reporting findings and results to protect the confidentiality of participants. The data will be only accessed by the supervisor and the student. A summary of the results of the data can be made available to you on request via email.


Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You are not obliged to participate and if you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without having to give a reason and without consequence.


 This study has now concluded, thank you to everyone who participated!

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Re: Invitation to Participate in a Research Study Interview

Hi Kate,
I met with Basma yesterday to participate in the Research Study interview and what a lovely young lady she is. As I am a laryngectomee and some people find it difficult to hear or understand me sometimes, Basma showed me every consideration and kindness during the interview.

I must say that I'm very pleased that CCNSW is undertaking this study as I started an Online Support Group for Laryngectomees on Facebook also 4yrs ago and, to date, we have over 600 members and a lot are from other parts of the world.
We find this form of communication very successful as the support is there 24/7 "live", it is a "Closed" group so any posts or other information is secure, to be a member, you are closely scrutinised before you can join and there isn't the problem of using a phone and then having to wait days for an answer to your question.

You don't have the hassle's of logging into an account plus there is always someone online to "talk" to any time of the day or night.............which is very reassuring if you are going through a stressful time and just need someone to "unload" on...........we are like a big family really bought together with a common disease but the sense of camaraderie is so special and comforting in times of stress.

So I would recommend anyone with a cancer diagnosis (past or present) , or their carer's, family and friends, to get in touch with Basma to participate in this wonderful study for it will benefit us all in the future, the lovely Basma will guide you through the process and put you at ease, maybe you can even meet for coffee as we did.

Have a lovely day Kate and everyone............:)


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Re: Invitation to Participate in a Research Study Interview

A huge thank you to everyone who responded to this research invitation, especially to those that consented to be interviewed.


We had an overwhelming response, as such we've now stopped interviewing.


Thank you again, your insights will go a long way to helping us make our Online Community the best place to be for those affected by cancer Heart


Kind Regards,



Cancer Council Online Community Manager

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