Jelly Belly cancer and warm chemo questions

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Jelly Belly cancer and warm chemo questions

My wive has just been diagnosed with Jelly belly cancer after a full hysterectomy, other organs and a 20cm tumor removal.

they want her to get fit and go to a major hospital for a procedure called warm chemo which will hopefully extend her life by another 5 years but it sounds like a very big op which I’m really scared of for her. I’m hoping someone else might have gone through the same and can share their experience with me. She is a tough strong minded 60 yo woman and won’t give up. Me on the other hand am going through a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you

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Re: Jelly Belly cancer and warm chemo questions

Hi Scorpio,


I had to look up what jelly belly cancer was and warm chemo.  I don't know very much about either but I think it's an amazing procedure and if it does extend her life for at least another 5 years, that's quite amazing.


As you say, she's a tough, strong minded woman who won't give up, and that's an attitude that can get you far in the scheme of survival.  I think everyone goes through the rollercoaster of emotions so you're not alone.  It's a very scary time and sometimes in life you have to hand it over to the professionals and decide what is best for you.  It's hard being the partner.  I've seen my usually very calm and laid back husband become an anxious, pacing man with unusually high levels of stress as he worries about me and the outcome of treatment.  


Just be the very best person you can be for her.  Do research and read as there's a great deal of information about jelly belly cancer and the warm chemo.  I hope your wife does extremely well ad recovers quickly from the treatments.  Good luck.  



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Re: Jelly Belly cancer and warm chemo questions

Thank you. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Still waiting on more results. After the op this week she needs to get strong and ready for the next op. This warm chemo is supposed to give you 10 years instead of 5 fingers crossed ❤️

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