Lung Cancer - Lobectomy

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Lung Cancer - Lobectomy

By an unusual chain of events I found out I had Stage 2 Lung Cancer.  I had no symptoms at all, no shortness of breath, no coughing, no coughing up blood. However, I was a smoker.


I needed a medical certificate for work as I was taking Friday off, GP wanted to do EGC on me, but unknown to him, the printer was faulty and gave a grave reading, I was then sent to local hospital for second opinion and given a chest xray, and it was then they found a mass on the lung, and a mass in each breast.


On the 30 March 2019 my life was turned upside down, I was one of the lucky ones, after PET Scans and Biopsies, it had not spread to other parts of my body, and it was operable and I underwent a Lobectomy on 7th June.  My breasts turned out to be non cancerous and just dense.


I have been home from hospital a few days, and just wondering if anyone else has had this operation, and wish to share the ups and downs of their journey.



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Re: Lung Cancer - Lobectomy

Hi Frankie,


I've been fortunate enough to not to have to do this.

But I would like to offer my congratulations on passing the tests clear!

Well done.




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